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Petrea / Liedberg / Rater (A Winning Combo)
What started as a weekend reunion turned into a Championship and lots of great memories. Coaches Petrea and Liedberg organized a one tournament team made up of old East Marietta little Leaguers and current Mount Paran Longhorns ran wild in the Ga. Games Tournament. They brought home the Gold Medal and made short work of every opponent. Look below the picture for the final stats.

Special Thanks goes to Bill Gentry of  The Gentry Law Firm, our Sponsor. Thanks for everything Bill, without you our tourney and our memories would not be possible. You can visit him at

Thanks also goes to Steve Rater for the uniforms. They looked great and he designed them. Thanks Steve.

I can't let the work that Pat Fitzmaurice SR. did go un-noticed. Thanks for throwing batting practice everyday

Ga. Games 2004 Stats

Pete Signoretti        6-9 with  8 RBI's and 4 HR's

David Rajecki        1-8

Jared Breen            4-6 with  3 RBI's and 3 HR's

Trevor Rater          3-9 with  1 RBI

Carey Thomason  5-9 with   2 RBI's

Pat Fitzmaurice      5-8 with  4 RBI's and 2 HR's

Matt Liedberg       6-8

Will Petrea             5-8 with 1 RBI

Willie Bartlett        4-9 with 7 RBI's and 1 HR 

Will Gentry            1-8

Will Blass              0-9

Jordan Fisher        1-6 with 2 RBI's and 1 HR

TEAM TOTALS:  41-97 (Batting Avg. 423) 11-Home Runs

Game Scores: Longhorns 12 - Sandy Plains 5

                        Longhorns 17 - Rockdale County  9

                       Longhorns  11 - Oregon Park  6

3 game Total Runs 40

             Runs given up 20

***By the way, Oregon Park is the 2004 Dizzy Dean World Champs***



The Babe Award goes to the Homerun Hitters in the Tournament, so here they are: Pete Signoretti(4) , Jarred Breen(3) , Pat Fitzmaurice(2) , Willie Bartlett(1)  and Jordan Fisher(1). Great Job Guys !!!



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