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2005 Team Photo

Walker Middle School 2005

2004 Mt.Paran Fall team

My Nephew and future ALL-STAR

Will Petrea 2005

Grant, Drew and Max Spring 2004

Marcus "M&M" McCray Spring 2004

"BIG FLY" Rice says: You would smile too, if you could hit a ball as far as me. Spring 2004

Eagle Scout Ellis Spring 2004

Jordan "BIG FISH" Fisher

Will "Gentle Giant" Gentry 2005

Will "GENTLE-GIANT" Gentry Spring 2004

AHHHHhhh...Where are the Umpires! Spring 2004

David "THE NATURAL" Rajecki Spring 2004

Even on the practice field, Will "Big-Nasty Petrea proclaims:"I am the Greatest" Spring 2004

Wolverine Intensity in the field

Wolvrerines attack

Wolverines attack part 2

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Not all player are pictured, I am constantly up-dating as photos become available