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We Need Sponsors
Just like professional baseball, we need sponsors to play. Our league provides the basics but we always need uniform replacements, equipment, tournament fees, baseballs, for practice and games and many other odds and ends to keep this team prepared.

Sponsors take all forms

Yes, money is the best way to help our team, but nothing is turned down. Items for auction or sale are always accepted.

  Please Support Our Sponsors

Bill Gentry of The Gentry Law Firm www.thegentrylawfirm.com

Gary Punteseca, Owner of Premium Moving and Storage

Special Thanks to Steve Rater for the New Uniform Design. www.steverater.com

Here's How

Checks can be made out 

to: Mount Paran Church 

or to: Charles Petrea

What our sponsors get

Banners and team pictures and don't forget all sponsorships are tax deductible

2004 Ga.Games Champions with Sponsors Banner

Bill Gentry is our biggest sponsor. His law firm  made the 2004 summer tournament season a great experience, 4 tournaments, new uniforms and a Championship! Thanks for everything Bill.

Today Mt. Paran, Tomorrow High School....

With the help of sponsors our boys future in baseball is limitless. So get on board and become a team sponsor.


Charles Petrea and The Longhorns


Sponorship is a key to our success